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Become a Carbon Neutral Citizen NOW - It's the Way of the Future!

CarbonNeutral is the leading branded standard for voluntary action on climate change and can be applied to almost anything - entire companies, individuals, events, products, services etc. It represents the point at which greenhouse gas emissions have been assessed, reduced where possible and the remaining non-reducible emissions offset through high quality renewable energy, energy-efficiency or forestry projects.

Airline Flights and travel in general are among the biggest contributors to emissions of greenhouse gases - CO2. We all need to start making significant changes to the way we use energy if we are to stabilize atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases at levels that avoid serious damage to the ecosystems on which we depend.

As a business active in the Travel and Conference Industry, we at Millette-Keller & Associates have chosen a pathway towards becoming a Carbon Neutral company by supporting Forestry Projects through our Hotel Program and by giving all of our clients the opportunity to offset CO2 emissions from their flights through a voluntary contribution to a Forestry or similar project.

Click here for more information, to calculate your emissions and to contribute to a Carbon Neutral project.