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Millette-Keller & Associates Inc. have years of extensive experience in organizing conference logistics for meetings all over the world. From small workshop style meetings, to debating seminars, to inter-governmental and multi-lateral conferences, our associates have provided pre-conference support, logistics set up and on-site services to clients on every continent.

We pride ourselves on truly understanding our client’s needs from the first preliminary planning stages right through to the precise final accounting and our services are individually tailored for each and every event.


"At Millette-Keller & Associates there is no such thing as a standard service, because we know there is no such thing as a standard event."


What our Clients have said...

"We are delighted that Ron & Erika have set up a new firm again and would like to encourage organizations that need event management and travel to use their services. They will get Five Star Service and a smile to boot!"

"In the design of this event we anticipated attracting individuals from all parts of the globe and we recognized that this required the involvement of experts such as yourselves - we were not disappointed and hope to have a reason to work with you again in the future."

"We greatly appreciate the personal attention given by you in meeting our particular needs as well as the effort made on your part to satisfy our often difficult requirements."

"Having a service like your company offers is a great benefit to our conference. We have already praised your hard work to the Provincial and National Associations and have invited the people to ask questions and meet you at the conference...hopefully it turns into a yearly contract!"


Our Promise of Excellence


Handshake imageAs an owner operated organization with a small and close-knit team we pride ourselves on being able to develop meaningful and ongoing working relationships with our clients. Our aim is not only to provide conference logistics services, but to add value to each and every logistical component, resulting in cost savings and superior service for our clients. We achieve this by focusing on both the organization’s needs as well as those of the individual participant, ensuring end-user satisfaction within the scope of our client agreements. In an industry where much of our competition is generally volume oriented, we differentiate ourselves through our commitment to quality by treating each client as an individual, with specific and unique needs.


Upon request, we will gladly provide you with our references, project lists, as well as a list of organizations for whom we have managed meetings and conferences in the past.

Please contact us today.